List Of UPSC Chairmen

Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) is a Constitutional Body, which has been mandated the responsibilities of making recruitment by conduct of competitive examinations as well as selection through interviews.

In order to fulfill its constitutional obligations, the Commission is supported by Officers/Staff broadly known as Secretariat of the Commission, headed by the Secretary.

The Administration Branch of the Commission is entrusted with the functions of administering the Secretariat of the Commission as well as looking after the personal matters of Hon’ble Chairman/ Hon’ble Members and other Officers/ Staff of the Commission.

The chairperson is the presiding officer of an organized group such as a board, committee, or deliberative assembly.

The person holding the office, who is typically elected or appointed by members of the group, presides over meetings of the group, and conducts the group’s business in an orderly fashion is known as a chairman.

The Chairman and other members of Union Public Service Commission shall be appointed by the President.

The Union Public Service Commission Chairman shall be consulted on all matters relating to

  • methods of recruitment to civil services and for civil posts
  • making appointments to civil services and posts
  • making promotions and transfers from one service to another
  • the suitability of candidates for such appointments, promotions or transfers
  • on all disciplinary matters against a civil servant serving in a civil capacity, including memorials or petitions relating to such matters.
  • on any claim for the award of a pension in respect of injuries sustained by a person while serving in a civil capacity, and any question as to the amount of such award.

The present UPSC Chairman is Sh. Arvind Saxena. He will have a tenure till August 7, 2020, when he attains the age of 65 years.


List of UPSC Chairmen:

1. Sir Ross BarkerOctober, 1926August, 1932
2. Sir David PetrieAugust, 19321936
3. Sir Eyre Gorden19371942
4. Sir F.W. Robertson19421947
5. Sh. H.K. Kripalani1.4.194713.1.1949
6. Sh. R.N. Banerjee14.1.19499.5.1955
7. Sh. N. Govindarajan10.5.19559.12.1955
8. Sh. V.S.Hejmadi10.12.19559.12.1961
9. Sh. B.N.Jha11.12.196122.2.1967
10. Sh. K.R. Damle18.4.19672.3.1971
11. Sh. R.C.S. Sarkar11.5.19711.2.1973
12. Dr. A.R.Kidwai5.2.19734.2.1979
13. Dr.M.L. Shahare16.2.1979 (AN)16.2.1985
14. Sh. H.K.L. Capoor18.2.19855.3.1990
15. Sh. J.P.Gupta5.3.1990 (AN)2.6.1992
16. Mrs. R.M.Bathew23.9.199223.8.1996
17. Sh. S.J.S. Chhatwal23.8.1996 (AN)30.9.1996
18. Sh. J.M. Qureshi30.9.1996 (AN)11.12.1998
19. Lt. Gen. Surinder Nath11.12.1998 (AN)25.6.2002
20. Sh. P.C. Hota25.6.2002 (AN)8.9.2003
21. Sh. Mata Prasad8.9.2003 (AN)4.1.2005
22. S. R. Hashim4.1.20051.4.2006
23. Gurbachan Jagat1.4.200630.6.2007
24. Subir Dutta30.6.200716.8.2008
25. D. P. Agrawal16.8.2008August 1, 2014
26. Rajni Razdan16.8.201421.11.2014
27. Deepak Gupta22.11.201420.9.2016
28. Alka Sirohi21.9.20163.1.2017
29. David R. Syiemlieh4.1.201721.1.2018
30. Vinay Mittal22.1.201819.6.2018
31. Arvind Saxena20.6.201828.11.2018
32. Arvind Saxena28.11.2018Incumbent