List of National Symbols of India

The modern Republic of India has several official national symbols including a flag, an emblem, an anthem, a song as well as several national symbols.

All the symbols were picked up at various times.

The design of the national flag was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly just 21 days before Independence, on the 24th of July in 1947.

There are also several other patriotic symbols including the national animal, bird, fruit, flower and tree, have all been selected carefully to project the image of India at its best.

They are chosen to reflect Indian culture and beliefs and also the positive at – tributes often associated with Indian traditions respectively.

There are 17 national symbols of India.

The Lion Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath is the national emblem of India.


List of National Symbols of India:

1. National FlagTiranga
2. National AnthemJana Gana Mana
3. National SongVande Mataram
4. National CurrencyIndian Rupee
5. National EmblemLion Capital of Ashoka
6. National PledgeIndia is My Country
7. National CalendarSaka Calendar
8. National RiverGanges
9. National FlowerIndian Lotus
10. National FruitMango
11. National TreeIndian Banyan
12. National AnimalBengal Tiger
13. National BirdIndian Peafowl
14. National Aquatic AnimalGanges River Dolphin
15. National ReptileKing Cobra
16. National Heritage AnimalIndian Elephant
17. National DanceBharatanatyam