List of Important Terms used in Games

Game is an important part of our lives to maintain our physical health. Game is a structured form to play, fun, and entertain. Games are played at zonal, state, national and international level. Games are also considered as an education tool for physical health that is known as Physical Education. Physical Education Consists of all topics like sports games, physical exercises, and games data, etc. Games are of two types indoor and outdoor, indoor games such as Ludo, Chess, Carrom, and playing cards etc, whereas Outdoor games such as Cricket, badminton, football, basket balls, and volleyball etc which is helpful to maintain our physical fitness. Those Children who are involved in sports will be very energetic and physically fit. Many Children make their career in the sports field. These outdoor and indoor games are organised in the school and college at competition level. 29 August is celebrated as the national sports day of India, on the birth anniversary of Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand Singh. This day was the birth marks of Major Dhyan Chand Singh who won the gold medal in the Olympics of Hockey game for India in 1928, 1932, and 1936. Major Dhyan Chand singh had scored 400 goals in his career from 1926 to 1948. So, Hockey is the national game of India.

Sometimes, games provide awareness of exercising, yoga and important terms of sports. There are various terms associated with individual sports which is impactful on our lives for physical fitness. Just like, Badminton consists of shuttlecock, Double fault, service court, forehand, Back hand, Smash, Hit, and Net, etc. So, basically rules and regulations of the individual sports considered as the important terms. Here, we are providing some important terms which used in Games:

SportsImportant terms
AthleticsRelay, Track, Lane, Photo Finish, Hurdles, Shot Put, Discuss Throw, Hammer Throw, High Jump, Triple Jump cross country, etc.
BadmintonShuttlecock, Service Court, Double fault, Forehand, Back hand, Smash, Hit, Drop, Net, Love, etc.
BaseballPinching, Home run, Base runner, Perfect game, Throw, Strike, Put out, etc
BasketballFree throw, Common foul,Under head, Technical foul, Over head, etc.
BridgeMaster point, Grand slam, Perfect deals, Dummy, Trump, etc.
Billiards & SnookersPull, Cue, Hit, Object ball, Scoring, Cushions billiards, Break shot, etc.
BoxingKnock out, Ring stoppage, Punch, Round, Upper-cut, Kidney punch, Timing, Foot work, etc.
ChessE.L.O. rating, Grand Master, international master, Gambit, Kings Indian Defence, etc.
CyclingSprint, Time trial, Track Trace, Point race, etc
CricketToss, Run, Wicket, Pitch, Stump, Bails, Crease, Pavalion, Gloves, Wicket Keeper, Over, , Followon, Rubber, Spin, Ashes, Catch, Bowled, Stump out, Run out, L. B. W; Hit Wicket, Googley, Not out, No ball, Wide ball, Dead ball, Maiden over, Over Throw, Bye, Leg by, , Cover drive, Late cut, Hook, Glance, Stroke, Shot, Pull, Sixer, Followthrough, Turn, , , Bouncer, Hattrick, Round the wicket, Over the wicket, Seamer, Boundry line, Slip, Square leg, Runner, Cover, Yorker, Gully, Long on, Silly point, Midwicket, Mid on, Forward short leg, Deep/mid-wicket, etc.
FootballKick, Goal, Head, Penalty kick, Dribble, Off side, Move, Hattrick, Foul, Left out, Right out, Stopper, Defender, Side Back, Pass, Baseline, Rebound, Comer bike etc.
GymnasticParallel bar, Horizontal bar, Push up, Floor exercise, Uneven bar, situp, etc.
HockeyBully, Short corner, Hattrick, Goal, penalty corner, Penalty stroke, Pushin, Cut, Scoop, Dribble, Centre forward, Half back, Astroturf, Sudden death, Left in, Left out, Off-side, Tie breaker, Carried, Stick, Striking circle, Undercutting, etc.
Horse RidingThree day Event, Dressers, show jumping, Faults, etc.
Judo Cocoa, white, Blue, Green belt,etc.
PoloPolo-Bunker, Mallet, Chukker, etc.
ShootingRapidfire Pistol, Standard rifle, free pistol, Air rifle, Range, Bull’s eye, etc.
SwimmingFreestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Lane, Proof, Crawl, etc.
Table TennisVolley, Late Service, Drive spin, Half Volley, Back hand, Chop, etc.

This topic is very essential and scoring for all competitive exams i.e railways, SSC, IBPS and much more. The important terms and rules have been asked in the questions paper. Many players won gold medals in the Olympics for India. The players do not need to do any exercises, and yoga. Games should be an important part of our lives.