List of Famous Caves in India

Our country India fortunately, is very rich in its architecture and Features. One such feature is Cave. A Cave or Cavern is a naturally created structure and is simply a large vacuity sufficient enough for a human to enter. Caves may vary widely in range and formed by the geographical process.  Each state of the country has a certain number of caves that illustrate the history, Culture, and spirituality. It is essential to get knowledge. Most natural cave temples in India for Hindu, Jain, and Buddisht. Apart from religion, there are many caves in India which are recognised for their extraordinary sculptures and caves from historic times. And these caves are also attached with many legends which reflects the rich culture and tradition of India. These caves have such beautiful sculptures, images of God according to their religions, and these images of sculpture are venerated by the people.

We have a variety of Caves if we start listing. The oldest rock-cuts of bihar- “Barabar Curves”, “Ajanta Ellora” caves of Northern Maharashtra, the largest caves of Meghalaya is “Krem Liat Prah”. We have listed here about the famous caves which found in our Country as per their locations:

Famous Caves in India

Undavalli CaveAndhra Pradesh
Barabar CaveBihar
Dungeshwari cave
Lomasrishi Cave
Sudama Cave
Colganj Rock cut Temple
Masrur Rock Cut TempleHimachal Pradesh
Tabo cave
Badami Cave Temple
Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple
Hulimavu Shiva cave temple
Amarnath CaveKashmir
Bhimbetka CaveMadhya Pradesh
Bagh Cave
Ajanta CavesMaharashtra
Aurangabad Caves
Elephant Caves
Bedse Caves
Kailash Temple
Karli Temple
Karla Caves
Udayagiri and Odisha
Khandagiri Caves
Varaha Cave Temple
Borra CavesVisakhapatnam
Mawsmai CavesCherrapunjee
Jogimara CavesChhattisgarh
Pataleshwar CavesPune
Karla CaveLonavala
Trichy CaveMadurai

Some caves are historically as well as Religiously related. Infact, Are indifferent parts of our lives Amarnath Caves are famous for Hindu religious activities and workships, Ganesh temple of Jogeshwari Caves, Kailash and Mahakali caves. There are many Jain and Buddist important structures or caves present in our Motherland. World Famous “Ajanta Ellora cave” are collections of multiple caves. Ajanta comprises 29 rock cut caves and Ellora-bundle of 34 caves, is largest single monolithic excavation of the World.

Few Fifteenth Century rock caves located in Kalipur, Guwahati, are named as “Umachal Caves”. Mahendra Varman, king of the Kamarupa is given credit for the construction of such beautiful and spectacular artistic work. Varaha Caves Temple of Kanchanpuram, Tamil Nadu is incarnated with lord Vishnu figures and many other mythical figures.

Inference to this knowledge about caves, we must say proudly that we have been gifted with such beauties of architectural structures. All thanks to our religious and mythical belief that we have in our god and in our culture.