What to Prepare

The examination booklet, which is sent to you along with your roll number, helps you understand the format of the written examination. Competitive examinations usually comprise sections such as (i) Test of English, (ii) Test of Numerical Ability or Quantitative Aptitude, (iii) general Intelligence or Mental Ability and/or (iv) General Knowledge/general Studies/General Awareness and Current Events. The instructions or syllabi listed and the format discussed in the sample papers will define the type of questions each section will contain. It is necessary to learn and practise similar question types in order to score high. For example if in the test of English section of your target exam, the length of paragraph in the RC set is 80–100 words, it is advisable to practice on paragraphs upto 150–200 words. Avoid practising RC paragraphs which have 800–1000 words for such exams. Similarly, if any test gives preference to a special type of questions, make sure you have ample practice n such question so that there is a greater chance of attempting such questions accurately and quickly in the actual test.

How to Prepare

Take one section at a time. Go through the descriptive and introductory portion of each test and learn the basic rules given therein. Once the concepts are clear, attempt the practice tests. Compare the answers carefully with those given at the end of each practice test paper. If required, go through the explanations (if provided) or refer to the relevant descriptive material.

How to Tackle Previous Year’s Original papers (Based on Memory)

Towards the end of this book there are several previous years’ original questions papers, which are full-length test papers. These have been presented, keeping in view the need to introduce the general syllabi for various competitive examinations and types/formats of questions that have appeared in the past. Once you have covered all the sections of this book, including the Practice Tests given after each section, attempt these papers. Adhere to the following scheme: (i) Time yourself to complete one full test paper within the allotted time (attempt a 50-questions test and finish it in less than 25–30 minutes; that is, try to answer each question in less than 30 seconds); (ii) Attempt each test paper in one sitting only; (iii) It is advisable to attempt one or a maximum of two model test papers per day and attempt the whole paper at one go and not in parts. There are ample specimen papers from previous years’ test conducted for various recruitments. Attempt these papers as suggested above and you will then be fully prepared to take your final test successfully.