Highest Waterfalls in World

Waterfalls are unique nature sights. This means that no two waterfalls are exactly the same, and there is no universal agreement on what makes waterfall a waterfall.

Waterfalls not only makes the nature look more beautiful but also helps us in many ways, like:

  • Purification of water: As they flow into the different rivers, waterfalls purify the water. Purification of water helps the different aqua life to live through provision of oxygen.


  • The Ecological health benefits: Seen and noted by Human observers of the eco system, waterfalls can show how they are important for the eco system through the two factors – (1) Waterfalls on a river mean a healthy life for the river, (2) Waterfalls also help to keep the eco system alive.


  • Health benefits: Waterfalls help in reducing stress and depression. the negative ions released causes calmness and this somehow alleviates the stress and depression.


  • Economic importance: Waterfalls attract tourists who end up buying our local produce and hence we earn money. The Waterfalls can also be used to produce hydro electricity power.


Threats to Waterfalls:

  • Water pollution
  • Drought
  • Dams
  • Fracking


List of Top 10 Waterfalls in World:

NameHeight(in m)Location
1. Angel (Salto Angel)979Canaima Nat'l Park, Venezuela
2. Tugela947Natal Nat'l Park, South Africa
3. Utigord (Utigordsfoss)800Norway
4. Monge (Mongefoss)774Marstein, Norway
5. Gocta Cataracts771Chachapoyas, Peru
6. Mutarazi (Mtarazi)762Nyanga Nat'l Park, Zimbabwe
7. Yosemite739Yosemite Nat'l Park, California, U.S.
8. Espelands (Espelandsfoss)703Hardanger Fjord, Norway
9. Lower Mar Valley655Eikesdal, Norway
10. Tyssestrengene647Odda, Norway