Daily GK Update: 25th May 2020

Strange ice formations may have tricked physicists into seeing mysterious particles that weren’t there

  • What if one of the strangest, most unsettling findings in particle physics turned out to be an illusion?
  • Since March 2016, two mysterious signals from Antarctica have baffled researchers. Twice now, a high-energy particle has seemed to burst straight up out of the ice, tripping detectors on a balloon-borne experiment floating overhead. It’s as if the particles had passed through the entire Earth unscathed. But that should be all but impossible: None of the known particles, which collectively are described in a physics model known as the Standard Model, can make that trip at high-energy levels.
  • Particles that are otherwise identical can carry different loads of energy, and the amount of energy a particle is carrying can change its behavior. Ghostly, low-energy neutrinos can slip through all of the planet’s crust, molten rock and iron unbothered. But they don’t pack enough punch to create the signals found in Antarctica.

Source: Live Science

Govt notifies BS-VI emission norms for quadricycles

MoRTH notified Emission norms for L7 category for BS-VI Vehicles

  • The government has notified BS-VI emission norms for quadricycles, paving the way for higher production of the new category of vehicle that was introduced less than two years ago.
  • “The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued notification regarding the emission norms for L7 (quadricycle) category for BS-VI. These norms are applicable from the date of notification. This notification completes the process of BS-VI for all category vehicles in India,” the government said in a release on Sunday.
  • The emission norms are on the lines of the European Union’s World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC), the release said.
  • In 2018, the government had introduced the quadricycle segment with necessary standards to produce the vehicle. It had approved the vehicle for both commercial and private use.

Source: Live Mint

To attract investment, Mizoram gives sports industry status

Industry-starved Mizoram gives industry status to sports for more ...

  • Aiming to further bolster the sports activities, by attracting investment, sports have been accorded industry status in Mizoram, first state in India to do so, Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte said and expressed confidence that the move will generate employment in the state.
  • Among the eight northeastern states, Mizoram, which has a pool of footballers who play for various leading clubs across India, already finds its footprint in the country’s sports world, specially in football.
  • Besides winning Indian Super League, one of the top premier football leagues in India, the state has done well in hockey and weightlifting in recent years.

Source: Hindustan Times

ESIC Social Security Scheme Sees 8.21 Lakh Enrolments in March 2020

Employees State Insurance Corporation in Neemrana, Alwar ...

  • Around 8.21 lakh new members joined the ESIC-run social security scheme in March 2020, against 11.83 lakh in the previous month, according to payroll data of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).
  • The data was part of a report released by the National Statistical Office (NSO) on Friday.
    The report said gross enrolments of new subscribers with ESIC were 1.49 crore during 2018-19.
  • During the period September 2017 to March 2020, around 3.83 crore new subscribers joined the ESIC scheme.
  • The NSO report is based on the payroll data of new subscribers of various social security schemes run by ESIC, retirement fund body EPFO and pension fund regulator PFRDA. It has been releasing such data of these bodies since April 2018, covering the period starting from September 2017.
  • The report noted that gross new enrolments with ESIC during the September 2017-March 2018 period were 83.35 lakh.

Source: News 18

India’s crude steel output declines 65 per cent to 3.13 MT in April: World Steel Association

India's crude steel output slips 65% to 3.13 MT in Apr: World ...

  • India’s crude steel output declined over 65 per cent to 3.13 million tonnes (MT) during April, according to the World Steel Association. The government imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 25 to prevent spread of the coronavirus pandemic which has impacted production, demand and supply of steel in India.
  • The country had produced 9.02 MT of crude steel during the same month a year ago, the World Steel Association (worldsteel) said in a report.
  • India had posted a 14 per cent decline in steel output at 8.65 MT in March as compared with 10.04 MT in March 2019.
  • Global steel output also declined 13 per cent to 137.09 MT as compared with 157.67 MT in April 2019.

Source: The Economic Times