Cabinet Minister of Bihar 2020

The Cabinet is a frame of top ranking state officials, which typically contains the top leader of our India. The top leaders of the Cabinet are usually known as Cabinet Ministers(Secretaries). Each State has their own Cabinet Ministers. The Cabinet Ministers are appointed by the President of India. The Cabinet Ministers work under the Prime Minister and take major decisions of their ministry. The role of the Cabinet Ministers are:

  • Directing government policy,
  • Making decision on the national issues,
  • Find the solution for the national problems,
  • Presenting bills from their government,
  • Cabinet meeting organised on serious discussion of our nation such as security of country, about economy of country, and improving national affairs, etc.
  • Cabinet ministers have the power to make a law.
  • Cabinet minister preparing the annual budgets, and proposing taxes, etc.

Cabinet Ministers as the head of the following department of the Government are: Agriculture, Defence, Education, Commerce, Energy, Interior, Labor and Justice. These ministers are hired for five years. There is some criteria to selected the candidates for Cabinet such as:

  • He/She must be a citizen of India.
  • He/She should not be less than 35 years.
  • Eligible for election as a member of Rajya Sabha.
  • He is also eligible for re-election.

According to Article 75 (3), the Council of Ministers is collectively responsible for the lower house of Parliament of India, called the Lok Sabha (Lok Sabha). If a bill is not passed which is introduced by a minister in a Lok Sabha, then the entire Council of Ministers is responsible, not that Minister. After the Lok Sabha loses confidence, the Council of Ministers resigns to form a new government.

Pursuant to Article 78 (c) no Minister shall make a decision without consideration by the Council of Ministers. According to Article 352, all members of the Central Cabinet must submit to the President in writing a declaration of urgency by the President.

According to the Constitution of India, the total number of Ministers in the Council of Ministers should not exceed 15% of the number of members of the Lok Sabha. Ministers must be members of Parliament. Any Minister who is not a member of any House of Parliament for six consecutive months shall be automatically removed from office.

About Bihar :

Bihar is the third most populous subsidiary in the world.

On 15 November 2000, Jharkhand was cited as the new state of southern Bihar. A total of 11.3% of Bihar’s population lives in urban areas which is the lowest in India after Himachal Pradesh. In addition, 58% of the people in Bihar are under 25 years of age, making Bihar the most youthful state in any Indian state. Hindi is the official language, though other languages ​​are common, including Maithili, Magahi, Bhojpuri and other Bihari languages.

In ancient and scientific India, Bihar is now considered a region of power, education and culture. The first kingdom of India from Magadha, the Mauryan Empire, as well as one of the most widely followed religions in the world: Buddhism. The Magadha Empire, especially under the Mauryan and Gupta dynasties, annexed large parts of South Asia under a single central government. Another area of ​​Bihar is Mithila, which is the center of early learning and the state center of Videha.

The Chief Minister of Bihar is Nitish Kumar. The Bihar ministry consists of 19 members of JD(U) including CM. And, Also 14 ministers from BJP with Sushil Kumar Modi as a Deputy Chief Minister from BJP. Let’s have a look at the list of the Cabinet Minister of Bihar with their assigned department:

List of Cabinet Minister of Bihar 2020

  1. Bijendra Prasad Yadav- Department of (Energy and Excise and Prohibition),
  2. Brij Kishore Bind- (Backward and Extremely Backward Class Welfare),
  3. Dinesh Chandra Yadav- Minor Irrigation and Disaster Management,
  4. Jai Kumar Singh- Industries Dept. and Science and Technology,
  5. Kapil Dev Kamat- Panchayati Raj,
  6. Khurshid alias Feroz Ahmad- Tourism,
  7. Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma- Education,
  8. Madan Sahni- Food and Consumer protection,
  9. Maheshwar Hazari- Planning and Development,
  10. Mangal Pandey- Health,
  11. Kumari Manju Verma(Now Resigned)- Social Welfare,
  12. Nand Kishore Yadav- Road Construction,
  13. Neeraj Kumar- Information and Public Relations,
  14. Pramod Kumar- Art, culture and Youth Affairs,
  15. Prem Kumar- Agriculture, Animal and Fish Resources,
  16. Rajiv Ranjan(Lalan singh)- Water Resources, Planning and Development,
  17. Ram Narayan Mandal- Revenue and Land reforms,
  18. Ramesh Rishidev- SC/ST Welfare,
  19. Rana Randhir- Co-operative,
  20. Santosh Nirala- Transport,
  21. Shailesh Kumar- Rural Works Department,
  22. Shravan Kumar- Rural works Development and Parliamentary Affairs,
  23. Suresh Sharma- Urban Development and Housing Department,
  24. Vijay Kumar singh- Labour Resources
  25. Vinod Narayan Jha- Public Health and Engineering,
  26. Vinod Kumar singh- Backward and Extremely class welfare,
  27. Ramsevak Singh- Social Welfare Department,
  28. Bima Bharti- Sugarcane Department.